Friday, December 11, 2009

Boy Am I Tired!!!

Matthew is getting ready for Christmas!!! Tonight we went to Michaels and got some stockings. Now I am going to have to write our names on them and find a place to hang them. Don't worry Tia Cay Cay...we got all matching ones..kinda...Seth decided he liked the blue one for him and I got the green one for me and we got a couple of red ones.

While we were at Michaels I decided that I wanted to get some wreaths for our sconces on either side of the garage door. They were having a great sale on the basic wreaths so we got 2 and I got some ribbon and made bows. I will post pictures tomorrow night when I post about our outside decorations.

Thank GOD it's the weekend!!!

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  1. Cute picture. I am sure he will be spending a lot of time exploring that tree!