Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Playing at Mimi and Opa's!!!

So on Saturday afternoon when we got to Mimi and Opa's house...Matthew immediately went for the toys. He really seemed to remember them from the last time we were there just a couple of weeks ago. When Seth was in Boston for almost two weeks working on his DMA in music education I spent the weekend in Naples with Matthew to get a break from being all by myself. I will say that I did not like it at all!!! In any event Matthew seemed to feel right at home during our visit. He slept like a dream!!! Yesterday morning he slept until about 9:15 and today he slept until about 9:00. I feel like I am spoilt with such a great sleeper!!! Yesterday morning he didn't even cry...Seth just heard him tapping on his little crib and went in and he was playing with his feet.

He really enjoyed playing with this little boat. The yellow button on the top pushes down to make a toot toot sound and Matthew just thought that was hilarious.

The book is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and each letter is associated with a painting or other work of art that is found in the Met. He loves looking at all of the pictures!!!

The clock is a vintage Fisher Price toy that helps kids to tell time. He loved hearing "The Grandfather Clock" playing with the tick-tock underneath. The new version of the same toy is made of plastic (the original is made of wood) and doesn't have the tick-tock underneath the melody. One of his favorite was the little apple with a chime sounding inside.

He really loves getting to play with all of the vintage toys that Mimi has from when her girls were little. We also got to read through some old books that were so sweet. I wish they made toys and books like that nowadays!!!

We are getting ready for Christmas here. Tomorrow night I am going to post a blog with all of my decorations...including our stockings (yes, Tia Cay Cay we found a place to hang them).

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