Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Matthew visits Santa AGAIN!!!

Tonight we had Barnes & Noble night for our school. The reading coach who organized the evening events asked me to come and lead a song time for the children. I brought Matthew and Seth along with me and we also brought several instruments for the kids to play. One class actually worked up "Jingle Bells" with me on the little Melody Bells and we a few students play tambourines and hand drums as well. The kids seemed to really enjoy being able to showcase their talents. We also sang a Hanukkah song "I Have A Little Dredyl".

Santa Clause even came to our B&N night and Matthew got to have his picture taken...AGAIN!!! YEA!!!

I really do believe that Matthew is completely obsessed with Santa. He just seems to seem right at home in his lap.

This is Matthew and me in church on Sunday morning. The sanctuary looks so beautiful all decked out for Christmas. Of course we had to pick the spot with the fire extinguisher in the background....lol!!!

Why is Matthew happy in this picture??? Why we only have 3 more days until Christmas break!!!!!!!!! I hope to get to blog more often while we are on our break. For now, I must go and check on my Peanut Butter and Butterscotch fudge trying to set up in the fridge. I hope it sets up soon because I am about conked out!!!

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