Thursday, May 21, 2009

A day at home (May 20, 2009)

Today was a busy day that Matthew and I spent at home. Tomorrow we are going to Ohio to see Matthew's Uncle Aaron graduate from medical school. Honestly, I am going to be glad when this is over because it is so hard on Matthew to travel even though he behaves extremely well.

I had to wash and fold clothes for our trip today so I put Matthew in the boppy pillow and let him sit on the bed next to me. He looked so bored just sitting there so I went and got him a toy. I was very happy to see him playing with the toy so easily. His interest in the toy made me realize that I do not play with him enough. I am going to start putting playtime in our daily schedule so we can get out some of our toys and books.

Although I had a day at home...I don't feel like I got very much accomplished. Actually it never feels like I get much accomplished. If anyone has any advice on how to clean your house with a demanding 4 1-2 month old that DOESN'T TAKE NAPS!!! please let me know.

Wow, American Idol was awesome tonight. They had some really great performers and the idols that sang did a pretty good job. Although I love Steve Martin and his banjo playing...the singers who performed his song didn't do it justice. I think it is awesome that they included Steve Martin on the show so he can show off his other talent. My favorite part was at the end when Adam and Chris sang "We Are the Champions" with Queen. Adam was my favorite and I was sad to see Chris win...but I know Adam will be very successful with whatever he does. (I think he should join Queen as the new lead singer..he is the closest thing to Freddy Mercury that I have ever heard).

Matthew is still having some trouble eating. He just seems like he doesn't eat as long as he used to. Breastfeeding is both the best and worst experience of my life. It is the best because I feel like I can get closer to Matthew and recently I feel like we are really bonding even more...since he has started to use his hands more he will even lift my shirt like he wants to eat. That is the best feeling to be able to see his cognitive development right before my very eyes. He also uses his hands to knead if we are near the end of his feeding. On the other hand, when he unlatches and throws a fit I feel so rejected...and I take it personal. Also, if he spits up or throws up his food I feel like I am making him sick. Oh well, I know that he is getting all of the benefits from me and I am still very proud that I stuck it out through think and thin.

Mentioning this might jinks us but Matthew has not thrown up for 2 days straight now...only minor spit-ups. Please pray that it stays that way and he is finally keeping all of his food down.

I truly think it is official that Matthew is teething. Today he was drooling so much that he left a spot of spit on the bed (yes he took a nap tonight before the last feeding). I noticed that all day he kept crying and quickly putting his hands in his mouth. He would chew on my finger like that made his little gums feel better. I don't see a tooth emerging yet but he sure is cranky at times so it will be soon I think.

I better end for tonight. I might not get a chance to post for a few days since I will be on my trip. Pray for us that we make it to Ohio alright and Matthew handles the trip well.

Good Night!!!

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