Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is there a doctor in the house??

YES!!! Matthew's uncle Aaron graduated from medical school on Friday evening!!! We are so proud of him. This summer Aaron will be moving to New York City to persue a residency in psychitry. Matthew did very well at the graduation but I did have to take him out a few times and we were too loud in the cry room so we got kicked out of there because he was crying too loud when we went in that room!!! Funny, you know your loud when they kick you out of the cry room. We did get to see Aaron get hooded and to hear the graduates cite the hypocratic oath which was very cool.

The weekend was stressful on Matthew because he is really teething now!!! I expect any morning now to wake up and see a little pearly white. He was very grumpy on the plane ride and the stewardess actully got some ice to put in his blanket to suck on...that helped alot!!!

In any event, we are all very tired so I am cutting this post short.

Have a good night and here is a picture of Aaron Patterson, M.D.

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