Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Out of reach (May 26, 2009)

OK...I am starting to realize that I have to start putting things out of reach. Tonight we went to the new Longhorn Steakhouse in Homestead and the nice host gave Matthew a coloring book. I know he is not old enough to do the coloring and activities that the book offers but before I knew it he was grabbing at the book and trying to pick-up the cowboy on the cover...(I guess depth perception hasn't kicked in yet)...then he tried to grab a chicken firecracker thingy (our food) and then he tried to grab his silverware (the nice host giving him the kiddy silverware I didn't understand). In any event, he was very excited to be there and wanted to be totally involved with his surroundings. I know this will only get worse when he becomes mobile but it took me by surprise today.

No tooth yet, but oh my what a grumpy baby this afternoon. He wouldn't eat a bite from me...he wouldn't have any of that working to get something to eat. So I gave in and gave him a bottle (pumped breast milk) which was much easier for my little guy to handle. The last two feedings went great so I hope tomorrow will be better. I can tell that he is in alot of pain but that is just the life of a 5 month old baby. If he keeps up the grumpiness I think I am going to put a little baby oral gel on his gums, just so he can eat more and in less pain.

I got my house almost cleaned today. Thanks to my wonderful husband who looks more like a housewife scrubbing the ceiling fan for dust...our cleaning is going much better. I feel like I actually live in a house and not a garbage dump now. I feel more relaxed and see that things are coming together.

Have a great evening everyone!!!!

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