Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today I was thinking back on the last 5 months and seeing how time does truly fly by. Although I have cherished every minute with Matthew (the good and the bad) I can't believe he is almost 5 months old. Every moment with Matthew is truly a blessing and I am thankful that God gave me such a remarkable little boy. This evening Seth was playing with Matthew. He would move Matthew's legs in a kicking motion while he was shaking his head and making a funny noise. When Seth stopped, Matthew started kicking his legs around to get Seth to make that funny noise again. We were all laughing so hard I started crying. It was so sweet to see Matthew figure out how to get that same reaction from Seth over and over again. I can't wait for many more moments like that to come.

As for the eating situation...Matthew's appetite is going away. Sometimes it is all I can do to keep him eating for 15 minutes. I am trying to get 6-7 feedings in during the day but sometimes it is a fight to get all of them in. As for his solids, he is eating more and more of the sweet potatoes and rice cereal but he likes to pull his hand up and grab the spoon during the feeding (getting it all over me and him in the process). I am sure all of this will work its way out but I am so frustrated at times. The GI specialist wants to do an upper GI on him if he doesn't gain weight by next week and I really do not want to put Matthew through that process. Please be praying that he will eat more and longer. Another fear I have about this situation is that my milk supply might get lower if this continues.

I can't wait until this weekend!!! My mom is coming to visit on Saturday. She will get to spend alot of time with Matthew next week because I am going back to work for the last week of school. It is a short week, but I will be glad to get out of the house for a break for a couple of days. So this week Matthew and I will be spending our last week alone together. I am going to have to take ALOT of pictures.

Have a good evening everyone!!!

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