Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Those Blue Eyes (May 19, 2009)

Look at those beautiful blue eyes. I took this picture this morning right after he ate and was really awake.

Today was a great day. Matthew slept until about 9:30 this morning so I got to sleep late too. Everyone tells me that I am getting spoiled with such a good sleeper. Right now I hear him in his room baby talking...it kinda sounds like he is talking himself to sleep.

Matthew actually took a 45 minute nap this afternoon...that never happens!!! He has been eating a little better except for one time this evening. I think he might be trying to out grow the boppy pillow because he ate fine when I just sat him in my lap without the pillow. He feels heavier to me so hopefully he has gained a few ounces. I would go buy a baby scale if I knew I wouldn't obsess over weighing him every hour.

Tonight was Seth's string concert at school. Matthew got to go and see his daddy work. The kids did great and there was around 150-200 people at the concert. Seth was very proud and the kids loved seeing him in his tuxedo. Matthew and I sat in the back of the auditorium and I gave him a bottle when he got wiggly.

Oh I forgot to mention that he ate some more sweet potatoes today and did great. He does try to grab the spoon from me with his left hand...I wonder if he will be left handed like his daddy???

Tomorrow is a busy day because I have to pack and get ready for our trip on Thursday. I better say good night to everyone. (This is an older picture of Matthew but I love it and wish he would never grow up...he is so much bigger now)


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  2. Below is the translation of what Clausewitz said if you do not know Portuguese...

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  3. Thanks, my Portuguese is a little rusty . . .