Friday, July 24, 2009

Alabama Adventure

Yesterday we had a lot of fun!!! First off it was my mom's birthday so we decided to take her out for lunch and then for a little adventure. We went to a BBQ restaurant in a town close to here called Blount Springs, AL. The restaurant was called "Top Hat BBQ" but when my brother and I were little we would call it "The Naked Pig" because they used to have a sign with a naked pig on it. Aren't all pigs naked??? Oh well. Matthew ate some squash and behaved very well while we were there.

After lunch we decided that we wanted to find the place that mom and dad met. When they were young they both went to a party that was at a cave called Bangor cave. So I can officially say that my parents met in a cave. (No they are not classified as a caveman or cave woman.) Well what turned out to be a wild adventure through a creepy old road and bridge with holes in it (not to mention the dead dog and fish in the creek below the creepy bridge with holes in it) We eventually ran into the road (which was 200 feet from the main highway we were originally on). The road to the cave is now all grown up and we couldn't make the hike with Matthew (not to mention the fact that my car had a OBAMA sticker and Florida tags in the middle of rural Alabama).

This cave (in the early 1900s) was actually known as an illegal gambling casino and was decorated very elaborately. Now it is filled with graffiti but is for sale along with 63 acres for $200,000.00.

You can visit the site above if you are interested in looking at pictures.

Although the drive was a little scary it was rather beautiful at times. This picture was taken looking off the creepy old bridge.

After the creepy old bridge road (with no cell phone reception I might add)...we decided to visit an old cemetery. ***Although my day seems to get creepier and weirder the cemetery is actually a very peaceful and serene place to be.*** We found a tombstone of a Civil War Vet that was buried in 1883!!! He lost his right arm in a battle in Tennessee. I know that 1883 doesn't seem that long ago but being in the vicinity of that grave gave me chill bumps just thinking about all the events that man missed and I always like to think about what historical figure was alive when he was around??? What events did he see that I didn't get to??? What was his life like??? Did he hang out in Bangor Cave any???

There was a beautiful Alabama view from the cemetery.

If you didn't think we had enough adventure for the day we decided to go and visit one of the covered bridges of Blount County. Our county used to be named the covered bridge capital of the world until some idiot burned down one of the bridges. This bridge is found in some of the most amazing landscapes in our county. Matthew enjoyed getting out of the car to feel the nice breeze and have a photo opp!!!

Tonight we visited another old friend of mine (old meaning that we have been friends since we were kids...not old in age) I will post about that tomorrow night

As our trip nears the end we will miss being together with our family and friends. I am glad I have this blog to look back on this trip.

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  1. Matthew is so cute! He has a button nose:) The pictures below of your wedding day look special and beautiful! Thanks for visiting me:)