Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big Boy Now

OMG...I woke up this morning and found my little baby growing into a big baby. Finally he has started to eat more so he is getting when I like to call a 'milk belly' (instead of "beer belly") HA!!!

I mean look at that belly!!!!

Anyway, today we got settled back in at home from our trip. I dropped by my school today because we are getting a new principal. She was not in the office when I dropped by but everyone seems to have a positive attitude about her. Of course our school always has a positive attitude because they are a great bunch of people!!! I can't wait to get started in a little less than a month. We should have a great school year.

Enough about school!!! I am still on summer vacay for now. I think we finally found a renter for our condo. We were getting nervous but it looks like this guy with his cat is going to work out. Hopefully he will be a good renter because we need the money.

Here are a few pictures from our Alabama visit. Enjoy and have a great night!!!

Matthew and Pop!!! Matthew would be crying up a storm and Pop would take him outside and sit in the swing and Matthew would stop crying and start to relax. Or maybe Pop just had the special touch!!!

Matthew developed a fascination for toes and feet (especially if they were painted red!!!) Time for a pedicure I guess (if I have too!!)

Tia Kay-Kay is a natural mom!!! Maybe one day soon!!!

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