Saturday, July 18, 2009


As expected the summer is flying by...way to fast. I realized that exactly 1 month from today...I have to report to work and leave my life as it is with little Matthew. Right now I will live in the moment though.

We are in Alabama right now and Matthew is having so much fun.

Matthew liked feeling the grass between his toes at Nana and Pop's house today. He got to sit down on the grass with all the bugs and everything...(even though mommy was nervous he would get bit by an ant or something)...he loved it!!

Here is Matthew finding out what it feels like to stand barefoot on the gravel road. He quickly started to stand on my feet.

Picking the flowers...Nana is sooo proud!!!

Sitting in the swing with momma...he really like being outside!!!

Getting ready to eat some watermelon...yum, yum!!!

Now for my favorite pictures of the day!!! Matthew had his very first piano lesson with momma today!!! Even though he is not playing the music in the picture...he still seemed very interested in the keys and how they worked. He even "played" along while Nana was playing a song for him. I hope he continues to love the piano and listening to classical music.

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