Friday, July 31, 2009

Ideas Anyone???

We are broke!!! Since we just moved into our new house we have NO MONEY!!! So I need ideas for how to make your own picture frames. I have tons of pictures and no way to display them. Why do I need to go buy and spend lots of money on frames???

Today was great!!! We went to our clubhouse pool and Matthew loved the kiddy pool. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a video up for you all to see. After the pool we came home and I fixed dinner...we had sweet peas, rice, and roast beef with rolls. YUM YUM!!!

Tomorrow our renter moves in so pray that everything goes smoothly.

Good night!

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  1. Hi,

    I go to thrift stores and buy cheap frames. I remove the glass and backing and spray paint them black. Then I fastern the frame to the wall without the glass and back. Using a paperclip and thumbtack, I hang photos inside the frame. It gives it an art gallery feel. I can easily change out the photos as my babies get older. My favorite photos I end up framing for real. But I find that as they grow, I have a lot of the same type of photo framed. So the art gallery approach has really helped me choose which photos are real keepers. I hope this helps!