Thursday, July 30, 2009

Frustration!!! today was Matthew's 7 month birthday. We made our monthly trip to the doctor for a weigh-in and found out that he weighs exactly the same as last month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have bet money and lots of it that he weighed more and I mean lots more. Nothing I can do makes my little boy gain weight. Luckily Dr. Goosby was in and talked to me. He suggested that we continue doing the same things we are doing right now (adding 1 bottle of formula a day and baby food) but add butter to some beans or rice so he will gain more calories. The doctor also said that he is not worried at all because Matthew does not show ANY signs of malnourishment. While we were there Matthew decided to show the doctor his curiosity with his surroundings and impressed him with saying da-da and sitting up in my lap without me holding him. I was so proud!!!

AHHHHHHH!!! I have that off my chest....

Now for some pictures of the cutest boy in the world!!!


Look at that beautiful smile!!!

I love it when he smiles like this!!!

Concentrating on sitting up on his he is growing up so fast....(I just wish he would gain weight to match)

OK...OK He is still the cutest boy in the world...even with green beans all over his shirt!!!

He looks so happy!!! Doesn't it just make you smile right along with him???

Sweet dreams everyone!!!

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