Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swimming and Family

The last few days have been tiring so I haven't had much time to post. On Monday we went swimming at a pool in Cullman, AL. This pool was awesome. It had a kiddy part as well as adult diving boards and large slides. Matthew enjoyed his time however, the water was a little cold so we stayed sitting and watching most of the time. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Matthew and Daddy havin' some fun in the sun!!!

Matthew didn't enjoy his trip in the lazy river with daddy!!!

Matthew and momma relaxing in the shade.

On Tuesday night we had some family over for homemade ice cream...Yum Yum!!! The ice cream was great and Matthew loved it...however this morning it didn't agree with him so I guess we should continue to keep him away from dairy products. It is kinda sad that the ice cream bothered him because I can't eat it either since I am still breastfeeding. These pictures below are of some of his cousins and him. Eva decided that Matthew was her doll at one point of the night which was really cute until Matthew decided that he didn't need to be tossed around like a ragdoll.

Tomorrow night we are going to Outback Steakhouse for my mom's birthday. We invited my aunt and more cousins for Matthew to see again. It should be a great night!!!

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