Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meeting the Family

We had a really good day today. Matthew got to go and see our Granny (his great grandmother) and he just smiled and smiled at her. He also loved touching and holding her hands which I think is precious because their hands are so different. After we had our visit with Granny, we dropped by my cousin Josh's house and saw his new baby...McKenna who was born about 2 weeks after Matthew. She seemed to be fascinated with Matthew but Matthew didn't want to flirt back. (I guess I am all the girl he needs right now)

Momma, Matthew, McKenna and "uncle" Josh

(Josh is really Matthew's cousin but in our family we tend to call any cousin who is older an uncle or aunt)

Granny (Matthew's great grandma), momma and Matthew

Couldn't resist posting cause he looks so cute in this picture with his daddy!!

He is having some trouble going to other people. He seems to just be happy with me, Nana or his daddy right now. I hope no one takes offense or gets their feelings hurt because I know it is just because he has stranger anxiety. We are going to church in the morning so maybe he will do good. Pop (my dad) can't even hold him without a cry fest. Maybe its just a phase he is going through.

I am convinced that Matthew can sleep anywhere and at anytime. On the way up to Alabama he actually slept from 11 p.m. til we got here at around 7 a.m. The only time he woke up was when we stopped for gas at around 4 and he still just fell right back to sleep without the need to be nursed. Since we have been here he has slept soundly in my old room. We only have full size beds so I am sleeping in the same room as Matthew and Seth is in Scott's old room (my brother). He just whimpers around a couple of times and re-adjusts and then falls back asleep.

He has also said..."Hey Nana" and "I Want My Momma" since we have been here. I am so proud of my smart little boy!!! I thank God for such a wonderful little guy that I absolutely love with all of my heart.

Have a great night!!!

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