Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bath time

Today was a great day!!! We got to stay at home in our PJs until noon and then tonight went to BJs to get some diapers and other baby stuff. Matthew behaved himself very well!!!! When we got home I gave him a bath and he was playing with a new bath toy that Sonny's (our favorite BBQ joint) gave him. I guess they are starting to give away little a happy meal. Seth and I joked that the Sonny's people know him better than his own grandparents. We love to eat at Sonny's. Enjoy the pictures!!!

I really don't understand it??? It seems like Matthew rarely smiles for pictures anymore. No matter what I do to try to make him smile he just seems to sit there and look at me like I am crazy. He really is a happy boy...I hope??


  1. Hi! I saw your Roll Tide comment on Kelly Korner's blog and thought that I just HAD to come over and give a big "DITTO" to my new Bama friend! Ha! Matthew is absolutely precious!!

  2. Love your blog and cute little boy!!