Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet Little Zoey

Hi everyone...I know I know it is late tonight but I need to post a prayer request. Zoey a friend of mine little girl is having some issues with her iron levels. She is going to have some major tests done this week and will have to be asleep for the procedures. She is only about 20 months and is the sweetest little girl!!! Please pray for her Thursday as she goes through all of the ordeal.

Here is a picture of her and Matthew back in July.

Also we have a family member that is need of some guidance in his life right now. I can't go into much detail because it is a private matter but he has some major problems with drugs and needs our prayers very much. Please keep him in your prayers. I hope that he finds his plan from GOD.

On another note...Matthew gained 8 ounces yesterday at his doctors appointment. It wasn't the pound I was hoping for but a gain is a gain. The doctor said that we could start feeding him whole milk to see how his body will adjust. So diarrhea or other reactions. He had 4 ounces last night and loved every sip of it. Well I am heading to bed now. Have a great night!!!

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