Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Safe in my Play Yard

This afternoon when we got home for the evening I put Matthew in his Play Yard for a while. Well typical Matthew wanted to be held but I want him to be more independent (not just at Ms. Cookie's which he could play for hours there without anyone holding him)...well, I had the great idea to put the Learn and Groove table in the play yard so if he fell he would fall on something soft and not our hard tile. Well he played with the music table for about 30 minutes and when he finally fell on his bottom he kept playing with another toy I have in there. He did such a good job and I am so proud of him. Tonight he didn't hardly cry at all. We played on the floor and he loves pulling himself up to standing all the time. I sit him down and before I know it he is pulling up on my shirt trying to stand. Every time I put him on his tummy to try to encourage him to crawl he just flops around and cries. Is it really possible that he walk without crawling first???

After our floor time I put him in his high chair for a snack. He wasn't interested in eating anything but he loved playing with a few toys. I rolled the high chair over next to the couch and he just played and played...he would drop all the toys on the floor and I would pick them up and put them back on the tray and then he would drop them all again and again..(I think he was doing it on purpose...HA!!) Then he just fell asleep right there sitting up in his chair. His head slowly fell down to the tray and he ended up looking like this...

I guess we are back on the Zantac twice a day for now. Last night he had a very hard time going to sleep...for the first time since he was like a 2 months old he cried for about 15 minutes before he went to sleep. Tonight before I gave him a bath he cried VERY LOUD every time I put him on his back. I ended up giving him the Zantac and he stopped crying immediately. So we are going to switch from the one dose in the morning to the one dose at night. We will start that on Monday so for a few days he will be getting the regular 2 times a day.

Right now he is sleeping soundly and as precious as ever. What a sweet angel!!!

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