Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can I Get a Witness??

We went to church today and it was a great service. Every year we have something called spirit Sunday which is marks the beginning of the new church year. This year our theme was "I am a Witness".

They always have wonderful music so we let Matthew sit out in the church with us. He got a little bit restless about half way through the service so I had to take him out. Our church just completed a new Christian Arts and Education wing where they have a new nursery so I took in there and changed his diaper and we played with all the new toys and the other baby that was in there. He had a great time.

After church we came home and my cold took a turn for the worse. I took a long nap and woke up feeling very weak. Matthew wanted me to hold him so bad and it was all I could do to pick him up...he is getting soooo heavy. After taking Tylenol I felt much better. I hope that this cold goes away quickly.

Tomorrow night I will post an update on Matthew's weight. He has a doctor's appointment in the morning with the GI doctor....keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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