Sunday, September 27, 2009

The sweetest little BAMA fan in the world!!!

OK...OK...I know that pushing Matthew to root for Alabama could result in the worst possible scenario...him being an AUBURN fan!!!!! (sorry Tia Kay Kay but I honestly can't stand the thought...he he) I had to get his Alabama shirt out today because they were playing the Arkansas Hogs. Kelly over at posts every week about Harper (her little girl) and their obsession of Arkansas. She talked some smack last week about today's game. That fired me up so I had to get my Bama gear out.

We sit down to eat some lunch and get ready for the game and little MW just got so happy and started showing me some personality.

I wish he hadn't moved...this picture would have been great!!!


See his teeth (yes, the other bottom front tooth is coming in)!!!

Life is good!!

Clap for BAMA!!!

This face is priceless!!! What in the world was he thinking about??

Love IT!!! So sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get those Wildcats!!!

Let's just hope that Alabama can keep up with the wins!!! They have a tough schedule this year.

Roll Tide Roll!!!