Monday, September 7, 2009

OK..OK..No pictures again

Hi again...tonight I do not have any pictures to upload yet again. For one thing my Picasa web album is getting full because I use the Google online storage as a backup for all my pictures of Matthew. I just started a Snapfish account tonight so maybe I have eliminated the problem.

Matthew has been sick the last couple of days. He doesn't seem interested in eating as much. I hope Ms. Cookie will get him back on track this week because he has an appointment with the GI doc again on Sept. 14 (next Monday) and he needs to have gained lots and lots of weight so the doctor doesn't see the need to do the upper GI test on him. Remember he went a month without gaining a single ounce so he needs to have gained at least a pound since he went to see Dr. Goosby a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping for 15 pounds by next Monday which would be about a pound since two weeks ago on Aug 26. It would be great if he gains even more though.

His tooth is peeking through even more now...I do not feel a difference when he nurses though. I thought that I would feel a change but so far he hasn't bit me or anything.

Well I better go for tonight...I am already tired and need to get to sleep for my long week at work (even though it is a shorter one being away from Matthew for even one day makes it seem long).

Have a good night!!!

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