Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's a Mozart???

Tuesday night is my night to teach my Music class at the local University. Honestly, I have so much fun because unlike my day job the college class is much more laid back and less stressful. When I walk in to teach my class the staff always greets me with lots of warmth and respect. In fact one time as I was getting ready for a class the receptionist came in to make sure that I didn't need anything!!! What a concept?!?!? Showing respect!!!

At my school during the day it always seems like someone is always looking to make sure that I am not being 'lazy'. Right now I am so frustrated with my job...I haven't really complained (eh hum) I mean talked about it on my blog because I wanted to keep this all about Matthew but after the past week and a half I want to pull my hair out. I really don't think that the school district realizes how impossible our schedules are??? I mean I have 14 classes at my 'home' school and the other school I travel to once a week I have 5. Plus until today I was being asked to tutor for an hour every morning I was at my 'home' school which added another 4 hours to my actual music classes. Now I am having to administer some kind of test called FAIR (reading) to the first grade students for an hour a day instead of the tutoring.

I just wish to heaven above that I could just stay at home with my little Matthew FOREVER. Now...all my time is over with him and I feel lost in my job away from him. Right now we are going through another dry spell (so to speak) with his eating habits. Ms. Cookie says that he eats really well during the day at 'school' but when he gets home he is not interested in eating...breastfeeding??...formula??...baby food???...he is even turning away the peach cobbler dessert!!!!! I hope and pray to GOD that this is just because he has a runny nose and is a little sick. I don't know how much more stress my breastfeeding can take before I start to dry up. Tonight I had to supplement the last feeding with formula because I feel like I ran out of milk for him. I am so disappointed that I might have to stop nursing just because of my stinkin' stressful job!!!!!!!!!! Of all the reasons to have to quit nursing...jeezz!!

On a happier note, it is already WEDNESDAY so we are half way to the weekend so I can spend every minute loving on my little froggie!!!

As for the random title?!??!?!?!! It fits with my life during this school year so far!!


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  1. I thought you were against blogging without pictures. This is 2 in a row without a picture of my sweet nephew. :(