Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long Weekend

Hi everyone!!! I know that it has been a while since I posted. I told myself that when I start back to school I wouldn't stop posting every day but I did. Hopefully I will be able to start posting more now that we are getting into the swing of things.

On Friday after school...we decided to go to Naples to visit my FIL who was flying in from a sabbatical to perform a wedding. We had lots of fun and Matthew loved getting into the swimming pool again. I decided to not take my camera or computer and take a much needed break from my life. Although we do have a nice LONG weekend we decided to come back today so we could enjoy our day off at home.

Matthew has a little cold and he is still cutting his tooth so he has been rather grumpy at times. He has been drooling so much that Ms. Cookie even had to change him the other day. I hope that the tooth comes in more quickly in the coming week. Although we put him on his stomach and try to get him to crawl he always seems to want to stand up and walk (with our help of course)...I really think he might walk before he crawls. He is really starting to come out of his shell and enjoy playing with his toys, reading his books, and eat more of the solids at each sitting. Right now he eats somewhere between 2 and 3 four ounce jars of baby food each night. He is still eating and loving Ms. Cookie's food for lunch. I have still be able to continue to breastfeed although I feel that my pumping sessions during the day are getting less and less. I always feed him when he gets up in the morning, once before I drop him off and leave at Ms. Cookie's house, pump at 11:30 a.m., once when I pick him up in the afternoon at around 3:30. Then in the evening I feed him when we get home at around 4:30 or 5 (usually because he eats quickly at Ms. Cookie's)...then we eat dinner and he has solids usually 1 or 2 veggies and a fruit or baby dessert. Sometimes he wants to nurse again around 7:30 or 8 and then he nurses again around 9:30 or 10 for bedtime. At Ms. Cookie's he usually eats 1 bottle of breastmilk (when I have a full bottle) and 1 bottle of formula. He does eat 2 bottles of formula on days that I didn't have a full bottle of breastmilk pumped. So far I am very proud of myself for being able to continue the nursing. It has been hard because my body has taken a while to get adjusted to the new schedule but the last few days I have seen a difference in my milk production.

Tomorrow I am going to post some more pictures of him so check back for more!!!

Have a great night!!!

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