Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9 month check list

As of Matthew's nine month birthday he is...

standing (with support)
trying to crawl
walking (with support)
being the sweetest baby alive!!!

He is eating about 8-12 ounces of baby food (or Ms. Cookie's cookin') for lunch and 12 ounces of baby food at dinner. Here is a list of some of his favorites...
sweet potatoes
green beans
sweet peas
chicken with sweet potatoes
mixed fruit
apples and blueberries
apples and cherries
pears and raspberries

I have also made the decision to wean him from the breast. With my job and all of the stress I feel that it is better for him to move on. He is taking to the change rather well. I still breastfeed before I give him his bottle so he gets the best of both worlds. The GI doctor told me to try regular whole milk and he seems to respond well to that so I am giving him a couple of 4 ounce bottles a week right now. Dr. Goosby (his pediatrician) would like for him to be on 2% milk instead of whole milk so I am not sure which one to use. Dr. Goosby also suggested we try ice cream.

He doesn't care for the mixed meats and veggies though. I am slowly getting him used to them.

Now for the BIG news. Today...Matthew weighed 15 pounds 11 ounces which is a 26 ounce gain since August 30th!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that he seems to be gaining and thriving a little better now.

Have a great evening and enjoy the 9 month pictures below. He has a cold and does not feel very well, so they did not turn out very well. Hopefully this weekend I can get some better pictures and post them later.

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